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If you are on this page. I am sure you've seen plenty of my HANDSOME face ;) by now.

I am a solopreneuer, which means that I am the CEO and the janitor. I DO everything except shipping. ( I used to do that myself too! )

Yes, I do value my privacy and I feel funny about showing my face everywhere and be seen as a Narcissist, but this is my assurance to you that I am authentic and I run my business with 100% honesty and transparency.

There are too many scams running on the internet and This is NOT one of them!!!

I answer and return all the calls myself!

Yes, if you call this number, it will route to my personal cellphone. I will usually answer it right away when I am in front of the computer, since I do work on the computer 10 to 12 hrs a day. But other times, it may take me a day or so to return the call depending on what is going on with my life. You can text me too! 

Over the last 6 years I have been doing this, I've made many friends by helping customers on how to best use this gadget. I try to cover as much info as possible on the website and the FAQ. However, people still come out with strangest question.. and that is COOL and that is why I am here. This is how I EARNED all the awesome reviews on my review page.

I look forward to earning yours as well. Thank You! 




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You don’t really need to spent a bunch of money to get  a new bluetooth stereo

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plays everything that your iPhone can with this awesome little gadget.  

You are encourage to contact me and remain friend with me through my Facebook Page.

You can also contact me through my phone 415-294-1677. I am in California most of time, however, due to the time difference and other factors. I may not always answer the phone right away. However, if you do leave me a detail message. I will most certainly call you or email you back. If you are satisfied with the product we will really appreciate if you could write a review about the product you purchased because your reviews will help us bring more great customers like you.



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For Your Information....About Me:

Everyone should have ONE asian friend. A cool techie sidekick or smart laid back wingman. Not so much of Long Duk Dong from Sixteen Candles, but more like Harold Lee from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. One with a classic kick ass attitude of Bruce Lee, and the modern day swag of Jet Li. You get the idea.... If you don't have one yet, you've got one now. That is ME! Your asian connection.

My name is Wesley. I grew up in the 80's and 90's in Houston, Texas. Back in a time when asians were rare. ( or medium rare..LOL ). I was that token asian kid that you had in high school. Nope, not the nerdy one, but the cool and the popular one. :) The badass heavy metal rocker with long black hair who takes relaxing breaks at precisely 4:20 everyday. LOL.

After I graduated from the University of Houston, I left Texas and headed to San Francisco for grad school just as a good asian kid should. After grad school, I worked in high tech for several years. This mundane life plan seemed to work as expected, though I hated the structured daily grind and yearned for something different. Fortunately or unfortunately I got laid off after the dot com bust and the down turn of the economy. It gave me sometime to think and travel. And it took this asian dude to Asia. It was an pleasant eye opening experience for this American. Through my adventures, I realized life should be more fun than just work. After all, I spent my life being different and breaking the stereotype. I decided to become a solopreneur and traveleded around Asian cities to find cool gadgets that that you can't find it here in the States. I searched for cool gadgets and things and to bring them back to the U.S. and offer them to my pals like you. It is not easy, but I am doing it. So I am happier now. Life is too precious to be wasted on stupid things. Here is something interesting I thought I'd share with you. "How Not To Waste Your Life" ( Caution: This may kill your buzz. ) I have been doing internet retail business since 2002 starting with Ebay. I pride myself on my fast, personal and courteous service and delivery. Please check our feedback profile under our previous business name badluckcure. We have a 100% satisfaction rate with over 300 positive reviews. Over the years I've gained thousands of happy customers and seven unhappy ones. I have been doing business with people all over the world. My products have reached Australia, Austria, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, The Netherlands and all over the U.S.A.

If you would like to find out more about me or simply like to be friends you can email me




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