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The Best iPhone FM Transmitters for Your Older Car in 2018

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For most 1999 - 2010 German and Luxury car, replacing the factory radio with a aftermarket one is often not possible since it can disable many OEM features likes GPS or OnStar alike. This Best iPhone FM Transmitter is a wireless music caster made for late model luxury cars with high-end computer and infotainment sound system without Bluetooth capabilities. It is not possible for the new headphone-less iPhones to connect to these car stereo without Bluetooth or Aux wire. 

FM Transmitter for iPhone is a devices that can plug into your iPhone so you can transmit the music signal thru your Older Car Radio. This is a brand new fm transmitter as sound caster that works as an alternative to Bluetooth. Specifically made for late model luxury /German cars fitted with high-end stereo systems without the Bluetooth option.

Gizmo Guy Gadget provides a quick and easy way to integrated the new iPhones to cars with high-end factory stereo system without complicated modification or expensive kit. It uses gizmo guy’s proprietary technology that eliminated the static and humming noises. The sound quality of this iphone fm transmitter is most impressive that is crystal clear unlike the old traditional radio transmitter you found on Ebay or Amazon.

Simply connect this device to the dongle which came with the new iPhones and you are ready to stream music, talk-handsfree, even adding GPS Navigation functions from the new iPhone right thru the pre-2010 luxury car audio system seamlessly.

According to a Westley, “My iPhone FM Transmitter provides a quick and easy method to integrate the new iPhone technology to your late model car factory radio system with no Bluetooth. You can enjoy streaming music, talk hands-free, use GPS Nav and Sirius XM from your iPhone through your older stock radio without an expensive kit or complicated modifications. It is the easiest and quickest method to bring the new iPhone technology right thru older car factory system.

FM Transmitter on an iPhone?

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Apple iPad Car Radio Adapter

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