Apple iPad Car Radio Adapter

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 8th Jan 2018

iPad Car Radio Adapter

iPad car radio adapter functions like a pint-sized radio stations in that they broadcast on the same frequency range that your FM radio is designed to pick up. They’re also pretty easy to use, although they don’t work as well in big cities as they do in rural areas. In order to set an FM transmitter up, you have to hook it up to your iPod (usually via Bluetooth pairing or the earbud jack) and then tune it to an open FM frequency. You then tune your radio to that same frequency, and the music on your iPod will come through the head unit just like a radio station.

The easiest ways to listen to an iPod in a car are to use an auxiliary input or hook up via 

1 Connect the 3.5mm cable from the FM transmitter to the headphone jack on the iPad.

2 Plug the FM transmitter power supply into the cigarette lighter adapter receptacle. Select the FM frequency on the transmitter you want to use to stream music from the iPad to the car stereo.

3 Press the “Radio” or “FM” source button on the car stereo. Tune the radio to same FM frequency you selected on the FM transmitter.

4 Open iTunes on the iPad and begin playing music from your library. The music streams through the FM transmitter and plays over the car stereo speakers.