Best FM Transmitter For Your Older Car Radio

Posted by WestWei on 17th Feb 2019

The Best FM Transmitter for Your Older Car Radio

Sick of Static Noises? Are you looking for the best fm transmitter for your pre-bluetooth car? Tired of that humming noises from your janky car radio transmitter or those irritating wire from your crappy tape adapter?

Most pre-2010 car came with premium sound and integrated infotainment system, but no Bluetooth nor Aux Input. It makes it impossible to connect new headphone-less iOS and Android phones to these factory sound system.

The Gizmo Guy Gadget is the best FM transmitter for older car - a wireless solution to connect new phones to older car factory radio without the trouble and expense of a new Bluetooth compatible head unit.

This Best FM Transmitter features:

  1. Crystal Clear with No Interference, even in densely populated Metropolitan Areas.
  2. Plug and Play! No Installation! Connects easily without Bluetooth.
  3. Safe to Use - Allows you to keep your eyes on the road while you listen to your podcasts, music, Siri - turn by turn directions or receive phone calls
  4. Small and Discreet with a rechargeable battery. It will NOT spoil the integrity and aesthetics of your car’s design. No silly goose neck or mushroom thingy awkward positioned to “poke” your passenger.
  5. Works Everywhere! Use it with your home stereo too!

Bluetooth technology was NOT an option until 2010. Most late model luxury cars 1999 to 2009 came with a premium sound system with integrated infotainment system, climate controls and digital display, but no auxiliary input. 

It is not possible to connect a new smartphone to these factory sound systems without a dealer add-on kit with an expensive professional installation. For DIYers, you may risk the danger of messing up the electrical system and disabling convenient options such as GPS, climate control display and steering wheel remote controls.

There are hundreds of different FM transmitters available on Ebay and Amazon. Popular brands - like Scosche BTFreq, VicTsing, SoundBot, GOGroove, LDesign, and IMDEN Bluetooth FM transmitters. Each of these come with a mix of positive and negative reviews and recommendations. Despite all the testimonials you might see - most of them DO NOT WORK!

Best FM Transmitter for Porsche CaymanS

Most wireless transmitters failed to work because most have a weak radio emission regulated by the FCC that gets filtered and interfered by the premium noise filter system.

I discovered this problem when I tried to connect my new iPhone to the older Mercedes Benz I inherited from my Dad. I didn't want to get a new head unit and spoil the aesthetics of the car. The old Benz had no aux connection and the only option was thru the tape player adapter which came with a long irritating wire and sounded horrible!

I tried everything available on Ebay and Amazon; the prices ranged from high to low, everything from the popular Nulaxy bluetooth fm transmitter to other big name FM modulators. Nothing worked to my satisfaction! The consistent problem was the persistence of the static noises. While some were less than others, they all had noticeable static and was unbearable for any kind of acoustic or bass sound.

I tried to mask the static noise by cranking up the volume, but that was not an acceptable solution when you switched from the transmitter back to the car radio. The radio would be so loud, it often scared me and could also damage the car system and speakers!

Through extensive research, I found the problem is NOT the strength of the radio signal. Boosting the radio strength would only result in more static and distorted sound.

Frustrated and without options; I decided to make my own Gizmo Guy Gadget as the best FM Transmitter designed specifically for today’s application with iOS and Android smartphones.

I discovered the cause of the static and humming noise problem is with the insulation of the electronic oscillator and its power source. By insulating the power source and isolating the oscillator of the transmitter, I can achieve better and near CD (compact disc) sound without compromising the quality. This allows my Gizmo Guy Gadget to tune in and connect your smartphone just like you would with Bluetooth technology. It allows you to use it as a wireless broadcaster for a media player, satellite radio, or other device in your car as a Bluetooth Alternative.

Check out How to Use the Best Fm Transmitter for Older Car Radio by Gizmo Guy Gadget on Snapguide.

Simply plug my Gizmo Guy Gadget into your smartphone (or dongle for the newer headphone-less iOS or Google Pixel 3 phones). Set your car radio - you can choose from one of the three fixed frequency 87.9 FM / 94.9 FM/ 102.7 FM. Identify the cleanest channel frequency for your local area and set it on your car's stereo. That is it!

Imagine yourself as Michael Knight behind the wheel of the “Knight Rider”! Instead of Kitt, it will be “Siri“ as your co-pilot or personal assistant who you can ask about the weather, have her read an audiobook from audible or your favorite podcast to you. You will get to stream music like Pandora, iHeartRadio or Spotify; also you will be able to talk hands-free and hear all your conversations loud and clear from your car speakers. You will also be able to use the GPS / Google Map / Waze to get turn by turn instruction thru your older car radio.


Replacing the factory stereo on 1999 - 2009 model year vehicles may be more trouble than it is worth, as they are usually tied to different optioned features such as OnStar, Climate Control and Steering wheel controls to name a few.

Aftermarket stereos are an for invitation to vandalism. The Gizmo Guy Gadget is a non-invasive, inexpensive solution made for pre-Bluetooth era luxury vehicles. It will allow you to keep your cars’ aesthetics and give your sound system a new life. You can play iTune Music, Pandora, Podcast and make hands-free calls using your car’s speaker system. It works with any iOS and Android phones with no Bluetooth. This wireless radio transmitter is an unique gadget that brings modern day technology from your smartphone thru your car stock radio without Aux input.

The Gizmo Guy Gadget has been proven to be the best FM transmitter for sound quality at any price level with hundreds of amazing reviews by happy customers. (see reviews)

This gadget is ideal if your car was made after 2000 and has an infotainment system integrated with climate control and warning lights. Use

The Gizmo Guy Gadget in your luxury car! It’s perfect for cars like Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Corvette, Ferrari, Jeep, Jaguar, Lexus, Mini, Mercedes-Benz and VW.

I am so confident that you will be impressed with this FM transmitter that I am offering a 60 days money back guarantee.

Don’t put up with your local radio anymore! Make your commute more pleasant with your own music, podcast, or audiobooks. Get yours now!

Customer Reviews:

  1. “Travelled 5000 kms and used the FM transmitter for the 1st time. It was an awesome experience with listening to my driving music. My teenage daughter is saving to buy one.” by Roy

  2. “Thank You Gizmo Guy Westley. Thank you for the troubleshooting. Now everything is working love it. I can listen to my music from my iPhone. Highly recommended no static at all”. by Gloria Rabino Bosaz.  
  3. “ I have a 2004 BMW with No Bluetooth or auxiliary port. I have tried other transmitters and they were horrible. This transmitter works perfectly. It is well worth the money” by Keith Blazek
  4. “This product works great in my 2007 BMW 328xi. I’m actually amazed how well it works. With the progression of the iPhone’s they became too advanced for my car and I couldn’t listen to my music in my car. Thankfully due to this product I can now. Love it!” by Ed Fox

  5. “I live in Atlanta metro and started using this transmitter in May and honestly it’s the best sounding FM transmitter I have ever heard and it is way better than the one that came with my expensive 2013 XM Satellite Kit that I am using for my BMW....” by Mallie Eric Preston
  6. “....for my 2004 BMW I couldn’t be more happy crystal clear and easy my whole family wants one. Good product!... Nice job” by Anthony Gagliardi

  7. “I have a 2008 Corvette Z06...I can finally jam out in my vet and it only cost $90.” 
  8. “I have a 2003 Range Rover and my radio and disc player would not work, so I purchased your Gizmo and it works like a charm, with my iPhone 7..... Thank You!!!” by John Turbbull