Best Way to Listen to Books in Car Radio

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 19th Oct 2020

Best Way to Listen to Books in Car Radio 

Best Way to Listen to Books in Car Radio

While you are commuting daily or driving on a long journey, you might feel bored. Listening to audiobooks in your vehicle can be an excellent way to kill boredom and time as well as acquire knowledge. Connecting your smartphone or mobile gadget to your vehicle stereo is a wonderful way to listen to podcasts, music, and audiobooks while driving. Here are some common ways to help you accomplish this.

Connecting with an auxiliary cable

Connecting through an auxiliary in has become common in modern car stereos enabling you to connect any gadget that can play audio content to the stereo. This method won't give you control of the gadget through your car stereo, but it's pretty simple to do. You only need to buy a 1/8 inch auxiliary cable from your local store and then connect it from the headphone jack of your phone to the aux input of the car stereo.

Connect with USB

If you are driving a modern car, chances are your car stereo comes with an inbuilt USB port. This method works well with most smartphones and iPods, and will also allow you to gain access to your audiobooks on the gadget through the native vehicle stereo interface. That's a great idea because in most cases it will enable you to focus on the road instead of handling your phone when driving, which is illegal in many states.

Connect with Bluetooth

Most cars come with inbuilt Bluetooth into the stereo. However, to connect with Bluetooth, the car stereo and your phone should support the same Bluetooth protocol. If your car supports Bluetooth, you should check the manual to know how to pair it with your smartphone. Just like the auxiliary method, you will not have control of your phone through the interface of the stereo, but it offers you more convenience. It is wireless, and will automatically connect to the car stereo every time you enter your car. Most stereo also comes with inbuilt microphones that allow you to take hands-free phone calls too. However, if your stereo doesn't have an inbuilt Bluetooth, there are many cost-effective Bluetooth car kits on the market that can offer you this functionality as well.

FM transmitters

An FM transmitter is another way of integrating your smartphone into an old stereo without any direct way to connect. As long as your vehicle can receive radio singles, you can try transmitting your audiobooks from your smartphone to the vehicle using an FM transmitter. To accomplish this, connect the FM transmitter, next set up a channel that's not utilized by local radio stations and then turn the stereo of your car to this same channel. The car stereo will receive the singles and transform them back to audio files. However, in this case, mileage will vary because it all depends on whether there are many radio stations in that region crowding the dial or not.

Burning CDs

Although CDs are not as common as before, many vehicles are still in a position to play DVDs or CDs. You can first burn some audiobooks to CDs and then plugin the physical CDs in the car stereo to begin playing them.


Nothing passes the time when driving on a long journey better than listening to audible audiobooks. With all the different models and makes of vehicles out there, it can be difficult to list all the methods available for all of them. However, the above-listed ways are some of the best methods to help you listen and enjoy your long drive without handling your phone. Only use your phone when permitted by law, and if the conditions allow safe use. Make sure that you connect your gadget and begin playing your audiobook before you start driving. Never allow the use of your mobile device to divert your attention from driving.

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