Connect iPhone 7 to 2008 Corvette C6 Factory Radio w/o Bluetooth

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 11th Apr 2018

How to Connect iPhone to Corvette C6 Factory Radio w/o Bluetooth

The Chevrolet Corvette (C6) was produced for the 2005 to 2013 model years. The Corvette C6 basic stereo system was a 7-speaker single-disc AM/FM/CD/MP3 player with optional navigation functions the stereo as a whole still wasn't up to the world-class standards set by the rest of the car.OnStar® was available and later years with the addition of XM satellite radio, MP3 input, Bluetooth® connectivity, and an in-dash 6-CD player. Corvette C6s don't have an auxiliary input, but after 2008, the factory non-Nav radios have an auxiliary input, but until 2011, none of the factory Navigation radio equipped Corvettes have a way to connect to any smartphones. Neither the iOS nor Android based system.

Gizmo Guy Gadget is simple little device that is perfect for the C6 Corvette. There is nothing to ruin the perfect interior. It can be paired to your iPhone X, 6, 7, 8 almost instantly. It works on iOS as well as Android phone as well. This simple little gadget allow you to add on all the new technologies from your smartphone right thru your C6 Factory Radio without extensive modification or expensive add on kit. 

This awesome gadget allow you to add your entire music library from your smartphone to play thru your stock C6 radio wirelessly via fm transmission. Best of all, you can also use it to stream music from apps like Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, even Youtube music. 

Unlike any modification or new radio. You will get to retain your Corvette's steering wheel audio controls.Additionally, this device also allow you to talk handsfree right thru the stock radio. You can listen to all your phone conversation right thru your car speakers loud and clear without static or distortion. 

Best of all Gizmo Guy Gadget provides a quick and easy way to integrate your new smartphone GPS technology. You do not need to settle for the outdated C6 Stock GPS system. You can use the latest GPS technology right from your latest smartphone without additional hardware or labor.