FM Transmitter for Android Phones

Posted by WestWei on 4th Mar 2019

FM Transmitter for Android Phones

For the most part, we as a modern society are able to use Bluetooth to send audio from one device to another. In some cases, however that is not the case and we have had to figure out another way to accomplish this. And that is where the  FM Transmitter for Android phones comes into play. Using fm transmitter, you are able to stream music podcast even audiobooks to a radio receiver using FM radio frequency. Keep in mind however, that the connection with using a FM transmitter for your android phone or tablet will not have as strong of a connection as Bluetooth because it relies on the a relatively weak FM radio frequency from a radio transmitter.

How does it work?

FM transmitting works by using a radio transmitter and a receiver; typically, the transmitter is attach to a music playing device like your Android Phone which functions as the radio sender and a receiver which is your car stereo or home radio. As long as your vehicle comes with FM radio functionality, you generally can accomplish this without the need to buy any expensive equipment or products. 

Generally speaking, most smartphones today DO NOT have this functionality. They reason why this is not widespread knowledge, or many individuals know about this fact is because streaming using cell data costs more money. Wireless companies aren't going to promote something that will save you money, and thus finding the FM option may require some investigative digging. Many FM transmitters have a relatively short range, only a few yards. This however is enough for the short distance between your android phone and your car radio. 

Additionally, radio station apps generally won't be able to pick up all the local stations like a FM tuner can. There are multiple apps available that are specific to using the FM tuner, but if you purchase a tuner for your car or home, it is recommended to use the app they suggest in the user manual.

Radio signals are more susceptible to disturbances while streaming than Bluetooth; Since radio frequency are broad and weak. The result of the sound quality is often poor and filled with static, hissing and humming noises. 

What types of FM Transmitters are There?

There are a variety of different FM transmitters available on the market today, with various different styles. That being said, most of them are manufactured with car use in mind. There are transmitters for use in your house or business as well, but those are much less common since the sound quality degrades as the distance of reception increases.  Generally speaking, each FM transmitting device has an app that is associated with that specific make and model. You will want to pay special attention to which app is recommended for use, to get the most of your experience. However, the app is still limited to the ability of the transmission device.

When using a FM transmitter, you generally will have to install a specified app that is determined by the manufacturer of the transmitter, and should be in the user manual. these apps for the most part are free, but you will need the actual device for the app to work. Keep in mind, as mentioned above, that the sound quality and reliability with a transmitter may be less than with a Bluetooth capable device, or an aux cable. For the most part, transmitters are only used when the other two options are unavailable.

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