FM Transmitter for Car Radio with No BLUETOOTH

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 26th Apr 2018

FM Transmitter for Car Radio

FM Transmitter for Older Car Radio 

Made for Headphone-less iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X

FM transmitters for turn your smartphone device into a mini radio station. They plug into your iOS or Android phone then transmit the music being played across a fixed FM radio frequency. This leaves you free to simply tune in via your car radio. It is a wireless solution as alternative to Bluetooth which will work with pretty much any car, 

Old FM transmitter can suffer from problems with interference and poor sound quality, but not this iPhone FM Transmitter which use a new technology which is better and can also be used as a hands free kit for older car .

Replacing car stereos is expensive! Like, hundreds of dollars if not more and for some late model car it is not an option due to the existing infortainment and GPS system. here's a simple solution for adding Bluetooth like capabilities to an older car with an iPhone FM transmitter. Using the existing car radio, the iPhone FM Transmitter is able to play whatever your phone is playing over the car's existing speaker system.

It works really simply:

1. Tune the iPhone FM Transmitter to an fixed FM signal (one that comes through as static on your car stereo).

2. Tune your car's radio to the same signal.

That's it! Your phone is now able to play music, or podcasts, or today's HQ Trivia game through your car's speakers.

This iPhone Fm Transmitter provides a full wireless music solution for any old car radio without the need of Bluetooth technology. It utilized through FM transmission from your iOS or Android phone to your FM car radio. you are ready to listen to your favorite tunes without any wire connection! 

Additionally, this unit allows you to speak to callers through a built-in DSP microphone (it turns your car stereo speakers into a giant phone Headset). iPhone X FM Transmitter for car radio turn your car stereo into a hands-free phone system. Your phone call gets pumped through the car speakers, and your phone's microphone can still pick up your voice as usual. Much better than using a Bluetooth headset, and significantly better than getting an expensive ticket for using your phone while driving.All of this is accomplished hassle free without the use of external wires, or expensive custom installation. 

The iPhone FM Transmitter also saves whichever FM station you were using, and volume settings — and yes, it automatically shuts down when your car turns off. There's a power button as well, just in case.