FM Transmitter For Car Radio without Bluetooth or Aux

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 8th Apr 2021

FM Transmitter for Car Radio

Are you looking for the best fm transmitter for your car radio?

There are many wireless FM transmitters available on eBay on Amazon with different price range from a few dollars to a couple of hundred dollars which one do you choose?

Well, I can not choose for you, but I can make a few suggestions on what to look for.

When it comes to choosing the best fm transmitter, the most important thing to look for is not the features such as bluetooth, talk handsfree, LCD screen, auxiliary input, usb or any of that.

The number one most important thing is the sound quality. Without a good sound quality the fm transmitter is basically useless no matter what other features it comes with. It will not matter if you have bluetooth or can talk hands free if the fm transmitter is full of static and interferences.

If the sound quality is horrible, then it won’t use the damn thing, and none of the features or benefits would make any differences.

If you get static, hissing, buzzing, crackling noises from your fm transmitter. Some are subtle, but others are loud, either way it’s skull penetrating enough for you to want to turn off the radio.

Well, let me explain why and I will also offer you a solution..

If you are using a Bluetooth fm transmitter a transmitter that plugged into the cigarette lighter for power. It created what is called a “ ground loop “. What this means is that the car stereo system, speakers and the fm transmitter emitters are sharing the same power source, the car battery. Each electronic component is interfering with one another which caused the noise. Much like the feedback you get from your microphone to your speakers….

You see the noise is usually caused by the grounding of your car stereo.

This can happen whether you use a new aftermarket stereo or just an fm transmitter on your stock radio. As long as you share the power source and the ground together you will get a ground loop and you will get static.

If you got a new aftermarket unit. You will want to first check your antenna. Most new cars come with a powered antenna. Remember antennas used to be a long stick? And now most of the cars, especially European cars now just come with a shark fin? Well, those shark fin antennas are powered antennas, it requires a power boost to fetch and receive the radio signal for a clean transmission of sound. Most aftermarket stereo installers fail to connect this that is why you ended with weak and noisy radio due to the lack of power.

Here are some simple steps you can follow to troubleShoot the source of your static noise.

Make sure the noise is not from an external source. Your location and surroundings matters. Make sure you are being blocked off by large buildings or metal structures. Drive your vehicle around to see if the static noise or interference changes.

Make sure there are no other devices plugged into the vehicle. All electronic devices such as GPS, USB charger, Phone charger all emit electrons which can be fetched up by the car radio receiver and cause noises.

If you only hear the static when you listen to the radio, but not when you are listening to your CD or cassette tape. Your problem is your antenna. If the static noise is always there regardless if you are listening to the CD or the radio. Chances are the trouble is somewhere else, and it’s most likely the grounding issue.

If you are using a Bluetooth Transmitter that plugs into the cigarette lighter and you are getting a static/ humming / crackling noise. The problem is 99% a ground loop issue.

Here are a few simple steps that you can try to get better sound quality.

You can disconnect your antenna, and that might fix the problem, but you are also losing the reception of all your local radio stations. Which is not a smart thing to do. I do not recommend this. You will be disconnect from the world in case of emergency,

You can try to find an empty or vacant radio station by going below 90 MHz or above 107 MHz or use one of the empty station locator for your particular area by using the link below

Find a battery powered bluetooth fm transmitter instead of one that plugged into the cigarette lighter. This is the only way to eliminate the ground loop issues.