Gizmo Guy Gadget Customer Testimonial.

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 29th Jun 2020

Gizmo Guy Gadget Customer Testimonial.

" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Customer Review " Nania

"If you are like me with an older car. This is definitely for you!"

Hey! I am here to review this Gizmo Guy Gadget.

It’s an alternative for having Bluetooth in your car.

If you got a vehicle that is 2004 and older? I believe!

And you do not have auxiliary jack or auxiliary option even a Bluetooth.

To play thru your speakers, You can stream music from your phone and have calls thru your speaker.

You can listen to podcasts. Whatever! Right thru your speakers WITHOUT THE STATIC!

How many product on the market that claims that there is an option for that, but then you buy it and you play your music or whatever.

All you hear is bunch of static in between the music.

The is not the case with Gizmo Guy Gadget.

It definitely an alternative to not having Bluetooth.

It does tell you that it is plug and play!

No Bluetooth! No Wire! No Setup!

This is the actual packaging that it comes in.

the website for this is

iPhone FM Transmitter. Com

That is the website If you are interested.

If you are like me with an older car

This is definitely for you.

This is the package that it comes in.

What comes in the package.

Is going to be a charing cord and the actual unit itself.

This is the unit. Little gadget here and here is the charging cord for the unit.

When you first get the unit. Please make sure you charge over night.

I think it’s to 5 to 8 hours of continuous play on a full charge.

If you have an older iPhone with an auxiliary jack.

you definitelyneed the adapter in order to use this unit.

So actually that is what I am going to do.

I am going to put this it and I am gonna turn up the volume.

So you can hear all the current static.

There are three station on the back that is preset your radio to.

I just went with 87.9 because my works great on that station, but you have three options.

and you will use the one that is best for you as far as the listening sounds.

So I am gonna turn up my volume so you can hear all the current static. As you can see, that is a lot of static.

What you gotta to do first and foremost.

is to press this power button and that is what I am going to do.

And you gonna hear that the static CEASE!

Once this power comes on.

And now you don’t hear any static!

So what I am gonna go ahead and do.

Is hook this up to my charing port here.

And I am gonna play some music.

We gonna see how this goes.


Nice and Clear! Crisp!

And that is not all.

Its gets better.

Hey Siri! Wake her up!

Hey Siri.

Play Ronald Isley

“ I need You!”

So you can even talk to Siri

Talk to Siri and control Siri and play music right thru this Gadget Guy

As you see guys! Real time review!

Happy with the product!

Again! If you have an older car

and you do not have auxiliary or Bluetooth.

And you don’t want to spent hundreds of dollars replacing your radio.

This gadget is an ultimate alternative.

If cost $90 bucks. Yes, is more than what you see in the market for the $20 and $30 bucks.

But guess what? I don’t mind paying a little bit more money.

I don’t mind paying $90 bucks to actually hear my music clearly.

That is why it cost more than those things in the market.

‘cause as we know. Things in the market. In this caliber.

All you hear is static in the mix of music.

And this is NOT that case!

You get what you pay for guys!


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