How to Choose the Best FM Transmitter for Sound Quality

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 31st Mar 2021

FM transmitters are generally used to produce a wireless audio system to broadcast sound to a wider space. The FM transmitter for car radios, the range of spreading the audio signal through radio frequency is comparably as short as personal use only.

There are many FM Transmitters for car radio available on eBay and Amazon. There are FM Transmitters and Bluetooth FM Transmitters with many unique designs and features. However, not all FM transmitters are created equal.

First, let's talk about the difference between an FM Transmitter for a car radio vs Bluetooth FM Transmitter for a car stereo.

FM Transmitter for car radio is a small radio broadcaster. It converts the audio signal from your phone to a radio signal and broadcast it through space and to be received by the car's antenna and play through the car radio. 

An FM Transmitter requires a physical connection of the phone either through the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack or the Apple Lightning connector to make the audio transmission possible.

The advantage of the FM transmitter for a car radio is that it is simple to use and requires no software pairing like Bluetooth technology.

The disadvantage of the FM Transmitter for car radio is that it requires a physical connection between the iPhone and the transmitter. This is becoming a problem since the newer iPhones are eliminating the 3.5mm headphone jack

Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car Stereo works much the same as the FM transmitter for car radio. However, rather through a physical connection which is required by the FM Transmitter.

A Bluetooth FM Transmitter makes a wireless software connection through the latest Bluetooth technology which enables a wireless connection from the iPhone to the transmitter. Therefore it is usually smaller and more compact in size.

The disadvantage of the Bluetooth FM Transmitter is that it will drain the battery from the iPhone and it requires pairing of each use. It will require pairing and unpairing each time the car is powered or if the connection is out of its range.

How to choose the Best FM Transmitter for Sound Quality

The Gizmo Guy Gadget is the best FM transmitter for sound quality. It will provide you a clean, static-free, interference-free FM transmission which results in the best quality sound transmission.

Sound quality is the most attribute to look for when it comes to choosing the Best FM Transmitter. While some FM Transmitter or Bluetooth FM Transmitter comes with lots of features and accessories. None of these additional benefits would matter if the sound quality is poor.

Most Bluetooth FM transmitter suffers from low sound quality because the FM transmitter draws power from the same power source as the car radio. The OEM sound system and the FM transmitter are powered by the same battery. It created what is known as a " ground loop ".

" Ground Loops " happens when multiple devices are connected to the same power source. The humming and static noises are caused by power flowing through the ground connections The transmission of the radio signal is interfering with the car radio receiver. It produced static or hissing/humming noise. Because there is always some static in the background, and you have to turn the volume to mask the unwanted noises.

A good sound quality FM transmitter is hard to find due to these reasons.

Hi, my name is Westley aka Gizmo Guy. I am the inventor and producer of the Gizmo Guy Gadget. Today, I am here to show you what sets my FM transmitter apart from all other car radio transmitters or Bluetooth FM transmitters available on eBay or Amazon.

Gizmo Guy Gadget is designed and made for cars with an integrated car sound system that is built into the car infotainment system.

Gizmo Guy Gadget features proprietary technologies that produce excellent sound quality through 2000 - 2010 car OEM factory sound systems with integrated GPS and Climate Control.

Unlike most other fm transmitters that require a battery or cigarette lighter connection for power. The Gizmo Guy Gadget is powered by the iPhone. It draws power from the iPhone only. This eliminates the " ground loop " problem that caused the static and hissing noises.

Gizmo Guy Gadget is an FM Transmitter for car radio and not a Bluetooth FM Transmitter. Therefore, it requires No Bluetooth connections. It means that there is no pairing and unpairing from the iPhone to the transmitter. It is made simple with just plug and plays.

Gizmo Guy Gadget is the Best iPhone FM Transmitters for Sound Quality for your 2000 - 2010 Car Radio. It provides simple integration to OEM Car Audio System without expensive radio head-unit upgrade.

It is recommended by 1000's happy customers. You should give it a try. :)