How to Make Your Old Car as Smart as Your New Smartphones

Posted by WestWei on 12th May 2019

You can make your old car as smart as your new smartphone.

No Bluetooth? No AUX port? I know your pain. Fortunately, there’s another easy and inexpensive way of adding Bluetooth, courtesy of your radio’s FM transmission.

Gizmo guy gadget provide a quick and simple way to connect new smartphone thru older car radio.

If you have an older car that you love you can add useful features, like voice control for driving directions and placing calls just like the newer car.

It’ll save you the hassle of unsightly cables or complex setup procedures, linking your tunes to your car stereo as fast as you can connect the transmitter.

On an iPhone, this will give you access to Siri’s many driver-friendly commands. (Android users have access to Google or Alexa like features.) You can ask Siri to “read messages” that you just received or to compose a reply. Saying “Sent Text to Tony” will launch Messenger. For Navigation with and Google or Apple Maps and initiate turn-by-turn audio directions. “Cancel navigation” is handy when you get close enough that you know the way.

A little-known trick: If you’re not a fan of Apple Maps, ask for transit directions (“Transit directions to…”) and your phone will present you with other navigation apps you have loaded; tap one and Siri will make sure your destination is preloaded. (Note that this trick probably won’t work with the coming iOS 9, whose version of Apple Maps supports transit directions.)

You can use this device to play music + talk handsfree + GPS navigation and more without a new radio or complicated modification.

Simply connect this gadget to the dongle / extension that came with . your new phone and activate the transmitter and you are ready to enjoy all your technology from your smartphone thru your older car via voice control.

You can use Google/ Siri/ Alexa to voice command your task and hear all your response thru your old car factory radio.

You can even sent and receive text by using just your voice, which allow you to keep your eyes and hands off your phone.

No Bluetooth! No Aux! No Wire!

Crystal Clear and Static Free!

Money Back Guaranteed!!!

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