How to Pair iPhone X in Car Radio with No Bluetooth

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 15th Aug 2018

How to Pair iPhone X in Car Radio with No Bluetooth

There are many car stereos in the market that neither have the input for auxiliary cable nor support Bluetooth. Owners of these vehicles are missing out many especially listening to their favorite playlists on their vehicle’s stereo speakers. The simplest and the best way to find a solution to this predicament would be to use an FM transmitter. This Gizmo Guy Gadget stands out. It has all the standard FM transmitter features. It also offers a GPS from your iPhone X thru your older car radio without No Bluetooth. 

The advantage with Gizmo Guy Gadget is that they are mostly compatible with an FM radio, iOS an Android compatible and very affordable. There are quite many units to choose from with divergent physical arrangements and designs, and in the end, it is a question of personal choice. What matters is that you choose an FM transmitter that is suitable for your requirements. 

The TuneIt FM transmitter plugs into the 3.5mm jack of your iPhone, Smartphone or other mobile devices to provide a clear and crisp audio signal through your car stereo. Use the integrated aux cable to plug the TuneIn into the headphone jack of your device.

If you want to get all your iPhone X music streaming content exploding through your car speakers, the this wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter could be your answer. The transmitter is also a car kit and has an inbuilt microphone, meaning that you can use it to send and receive calls the dial that controls the frequency is uncomplicated, and the display lets you know what is going on. You can see which call in coming in, names of songs that are playing, or voltage input on the screen. You also have very simple buttons that you can use for alternating input, shift FM channels, and tracks.

Setting up this transmitter is not complicated. Pair iPhone X in Car Radio with simple instructions are relatively straightforward, and anyone can follow them. With a full remote control facility, it is not too difficult to switch from one song to another. You can also opt to play a particular track by number and perform other functions such as play and pause, or browse through the folders or the equalizer mode. When you need a specific sound content, you use the left and right bands to enhance or reduce particular frequency ranges through sequence of vertical faders. The equalizer is used to modify the frequencies.

When you plug the device, it will flicker signifying it is not paired. All you need to do is go to your phone and check the settings of the Bluetooth, and you will see a display of the IC-F53. When the connection becomes active, the flickering on the transmitter will top. The device has very impressive volume and clarity on its microphone. The quality of music is excellent as well.

I was very pleased with the Streambot Y FM transmission because it was very dependable. On clear stations, the audio quality is excellent. However, I was surprised that the transmitter did not have a 3.5mm auxiliary input option. If you are going to be pairing your phone through Bluetooth, the lack of an extra option is not a big deal. The transmitter also has to use manual searches to find an open station through the car’s stereo. FM transmitters with the automatic turning option will help the driver find radio stations at the touch of a button. In large metro areas, not having an automatic turning option is a huge disadvantage the Streambot’s transmitter. The Steambot’s transmitter is still one of the best FM transmitters I have come across.