How to Play Music from iPhone to Car without Aux

Posted by WestWei on 4th Mar 2019

How to Play Music from iPhone to Car with No Bluetooth and No Wire

Did you get a New iPhone with no headphone jack? Do you STILL drive an Older Car without Bluetooth connectivity?

if your car is more than 10 years old you might not be able to stream audio through the radio. for late model luxury cars with Integrated info system with factory radio. Upgrading and Replacing the radio is a daunting and EXPENSIVE task. 

Your car may have an auxiliary input that connects any audio source via a 3.5-mm jack; older cars might even take a cassette adapter. But both of these solutions add clutter to the interior. Here's a cheap way to put wireless audio in any car without adding unsightly cords or even changing the appearance of the factory audio system.

Finally! Something that actually works. No more frustration with your Bluetooth connection. Gizmo Guy Gadget connects new smartphone technology thru older car radio without expensive kit or complicated modification. Made for 1999- 2007 OEM Car Stereo with GPS and infotainment system with No Bluetooth or Aux input.

Keep Your Stock Radio! Did you know that you can pair your new iPhone 7, 8 or X to your Older Car Factory Radio WIRELESSLY with No Bluetooth and No Aux?My gadget lets you stream from Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify even Youtube thru your OLDER CAR with FANCY PANTS stock stereo without expensive kit or modifications. Easy Plug and Play! Crystal Clear No Static Guaranteed! Update your music, but Keep Your Car OEM. Don’t put up with SUCKY local radio anymore. }

Gizmo guy gadget is the best FM transmitters that I have used. Most fm transmitters are weak and filled with much static unless you're out in the rural area where there are few radio stations. Gizmo Guy works works well in the city, too. The sound quality is crystal clear. The proprietary audio technologies is better than the standard definition FM radio. The sound bitrate is somewhere around 128kbps, and Bluetooth audio is so compressed that sound quality are poor. Gizmo Guy has made an FM transmitter that gets the job done better than any other transmitter available on eBay or Amazon.

This bluetooth alternative designed to work with German Car’s OEM radio or Infotainment system without complicated modification or expensive kit.

Easy Set-Up! Just ONE, TWO , THREE and you will get CD sound quality music or podcast from your phone thru your older car radio.

It also supports handsfree phone call (make and receive calls through the car speakers), and GPS Navigation instructions thru your car radio as well.

Nothing passes the time when driving on a long journey better than listening to audible audiobooks. With all the different models and makes of vehicles out there, it can be difficult to list all the methods available for all of them. However, the above-listed ways are some of the best methods to help you listen and enjoy your long drive without handling your phone.

Listen To Music that MAKES YOU HAPPY!