How to use iPad in Old Car with Stock Radio

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 16th May 2017

How to use iPad in Old Car with Stock Radio

How to use iPad in Old Car with Stock Stereo without Bluetooth or Aux

You can now play iPad / iPad mini music thru Older car factory stereo without Bluetooth or Aux input . This simple device will allow you to connect iPad to old car radio thru the fm frequency without messy cables.

Simply plug gizmo guy gadget to your iPad and set the car radio to 87.9 FM and you are ready to listen to music, podcast or news from your iPad thru your old car stereo.

Simply put, an iPad with a data connection does everything a dedicated infotainment system does, often better, because Apple's top-notch interface and wealth of apps were developed by the force of an entire industry, unlike the infotainment systems provided by automakers working outside their areas of expertise. Bernards switched his business over to tablet installation and didn't look back.

DOWNSIDE: There's no one do-everything app, so you'll have to switch back and forth among them. As with any touchscreen, be careful tapping while driving.

You might not be able to fab up anything as slick as Soundman's dedicated in-dash housings, but if you have an older car (or a newer one without full-boat navitainment), an iPad is a real option. Cheaper than factory, more portable, and more useful outside the car—and with almost too many apps, there's little it can't do. Chances are, you already have the iPad.