iPhone Car Adapter

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 10th Nov 2020

iPhone Car Car Radio Adapter

You will quickly find that an iPhone car adapter, especially one that can be used as an FM transmitter, is one of the best iPhone accessories you can have for your car. This works well if you have an older vehicle that will not let you use AUX cables to connect the iPhone to your vehicle to play music. This FM adapter makes it easier for you to hook your iPhone to your FM radio, without all of the wires, so you can listen to your music no matter where. You are.

The Types of FM Transmitters

The first thing we need to look at is the different types of FM transmitters that are available for the iPhone. Some rely on working with the iPhone dock and others will use the audio output or the headphone port that comes with your iPhone. It will all depend on your vehicle and what you would like to see happen.

To start, three main types of FM transmitters will work well with your iPhone. The first one is pretty generic. It is set up to work with any mp3 player. It will also work with your iPhone because it has a 3.5 mm headphone jack that will connect right to your phone so you can transmit over to the FM radio.

For the most part, you will want to stay away from the generic FM transmitters. They are not specifically designed to work well with the iPhone and they need a battery or power supply purchased additionally to make them work. This makes them heavier though if you plan to use it with many devices, you may want to go with this one.

The second type that you can use is one that will plug into the dock of your iPhone. It will then work to transmit the audio through the dock over to the radio in the car. This one is going to take power from the battery in your iPhone so make sure it is charged up before you try to listen to your music.

This type of transmitter is a good option if you want to carry the iPhone around and hear music no matter where you go. Once the transmitter is on the phone, you can choose the right FM channel and then pick the same channel on your home or car radio. This will make it possible to hear the sound wirelessly no matter where you are located. And since it relies on the iPhone battery to charge it, you will find it is portable and light.

The third type that you can use will work by connecting to the iPhone doc as well. However, it will not be powered by the iPhone dock at all. Instead, it is powered through the cigarette lighter in the vehicle. This is a great way to listen to music without draining the battery on your phone as the plug-in will also help charge the iPhone.

This transmitter is one of the most common options you will find. It can plug into any vehicle that has a cigarette lighter so you know it can work in older and newer vehicles alike. It is also easy to carry around and uses the car to help keep it charged so you won’t have to worry about another battery.

Why Do I Need an FM Transmitter for My iPhone?

While your iPhone can hold a lot of amazing songs at a time, it often does not have the speakers to handle playing the music loud enough for others to hear. You can try, but there will be a lot of strain. An FM transmitter makes it easier for you to get the music loud enough for everyone in the vehicle to hear, helping you to share some of your music easily.

In some of the newer vehicles, you may drive-in, you can use an AUX cable to get the iPhone music to play on your radio. This is not an option in many older makes and models of vehicles. The FM transmitter can work no matter what you drive, which is why it is the preferable choice. You can plug it in and set everything to the right FM frequency, and you are ready to go, listening to some of your favorite songs.

Having an iPhone car adapter makes it easier to connect your iPhone to the radio and listen to any song that is found on the device. In some newer cars, you can use an AUX cable to help you get this done. But since older vehicles do not offer this option, the FM adapter will ensure you can use your iPhone no matter what vehicle you are in.