iPhone FM Transmitter - Connect iPhone to Car Radio Without Bluetooth

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 29th Oct 2020

iPhone FM Transmitter - Connect iPhone to Older Car Radio Wirelessy

After coming up with an amazing playlist on your phone, you are ready for that next commute to work or that road trip and you want to be able to listen to all of that great music with ease. But if you have a vehicle that is older than 2010 and does not come with Bluetooth technology, you may find that hooking your iPhone up to the radio in the car is a little bit difficult to do.

For newer cars, you can rely on Bluetooth or an AUX input to help you play the music to your radio from the iPhone. But in an older car, this is not an option. This is why you should consider working with an iPhone FM Transmitter.

What is an iPhone FM Transmitter?

An iPhone FM Transmitter is a tool that can plug into the cigarette lighter or the iPhone itself. It can then send radio frequency waves between the iPhone and your radio so you can hear your music on your radio instead of on the phone. Both methods will work well depending on which one you prefer, and as long as you get the frequencies matched up the right way, you are sure to hear all the music you want loud and clear.

How Does it Work?

The FM transmitter works to take the music from your iPhone and put it on the radio. In some of the newer models of cars, usually, those that are newer than 2000, there is an AUX port that you can use to help with this. However, there are older models of cars that do not have this port and that can make it difficult to get music off your iPhone.

You could just turn up the volume on the iPhone, but this is often not loud enough and will not provide some of the quality music that you would like. Using something like an FM transmitter will make this a little easier. It helps to send the music over to the radio through FM frequency sounds, giving you a chance to listen to the music when you would like.

Where Do I Plug-In the FM Transmitter?

There are two places where you can plug in your FM transmitter depending on which one you decide to purchase. One type allows you to plug it into the car lighter and send the signal into the radio. The other model will plug right into the iPhone so you won’t have to worry about using up any other outlets in the vehicle.

With the first option, you will take the FM transmitter and put it into the cigarette lighter in the vehicle. This type of transmitter will rely on the FM radio to provide Bluetooth to your iPhone. Once the frequencies have been set up properly between the radio and the transmitter, you are set to listen to the music that you want on your iPhone.

The second option will hook right up to the iPhone. This one is often a good choice because you can have a smaller range without needing it to stretch to the iPhone. You can then set up the frequencies to get everything to match and turn on the music with your iPhone. When that is all set up, push play, and enjoy some of your favorite songs.

How Much Does the FM Transmitter Cost?

The amount that you will pay for an FM transmitter for your iPhone will depend on how fancy you want the option to be. There are some available for just a few dollars and some that are more expensive. For a high-quality option that can play music for a long time, you will probably need to spend between $25 and $50 each.

An iPhone FM transmitter is a great option for you to use when trying to listen to the music on your iPhone on the radio in your car. While some newer models of cars have a port that makes this easier, if you have an older vehicle, you will need to find another method to move the music to the radio and hear it loud. An iPhone FM transmitter makes this process easier, allowing you a fun and easy way to listen to all of the music on your iPhone.

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