Play iPhone Music thru Older German Car Factory Radio

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 26th Aug 2018

Play iPhone Music thru Older German Car Factory Radio

If you bought a new car in the last four or five years, chances are you have in-car stereo that supports a Bluetooth connection or, at the very least, an auxiliary input so you can stream music and take calls using the in-car speakers. If however, you have an older car, then replacing the car stereo with a more modern unit can be a costly exercise.

There are many car stereos in the market that neither have the input for auxiliary cable nor support Bluetooth. Owners of these vehicles are missing out many especially listening to their favorite playlists on their vehicle’s stereo speakers. The simplest and the best way to find a solution to this predicament would be to use an FM transmitter. 

Gizmo Guy Gadget provides a quick and easy way to integrate your new iPhone GPS technology to your late model car factory radio system with NO BLUETOOTH! You will be able to enjoy Streaming Music Talk Handsfree GPS Nav Sirius XM from your iPhone thru your older stock radio without an expensive kit or complicated modifications.

This is an alternative to BLUETOOTH
for Cars with High-End Stereo System

You will be able to :

  • Stream Music
  • Talk Handsfree
  • GPS Navigation
  • Sirius Satellite Radio