The Best FM Transmitter for iPhone 2020 ( Corvette C6 Navi Sys Update )

Posted by Joe Manifesto on 27th Dec 2019

The Best FM Transmitter for iPhone 2020 make updating Corvette C6 Made Simple

The best fm transmitters 2020 aka gizmo guy gadget. It provides an easy wireless connection from your headphone-less iPhone thru older car radio without Bluetooth or Aux input.

Hey! This is DJ Joe manifesto we're here in the San Francisco Bay Area

I'm with Gump sound DJ services wanted to show you a product that I've ran into online by a guy named Wesley. It's called gizmo guy gadget. It's a pretty cool nifty gadget. If you're into music and you got an older car that doesn't have Bluetooth. You want to play some music and stream got a lightning port they do make a 3.5mm mini jack version as well but this one's geared more for the newer iPhones so it's actually a really handy device.

It says here that it’s crystal clear with FM radio plug-in Wireless works on all types of vehicles which we're gonna test out right now and see how this works in my 2007 zo6 Corvette. Like I said earlier, this product works well with any vehicle with FM radio so pretty much every vehicle out there. This will work on so let's try it out and see what happens and see how 3rd is alright let's step inside the Corvette and let's test it out this simple Corvette Navigation Upgrade.

Iet’s see what happens right now. We're in the vehicle let's take it out of the package and see what we got going on in here. It says a pretty much a plug-and-play device and if you look in the back, you can actually see it's got all the settings for the different frequencies.

That the sync or a free program with red blue green RBG and then r RB P and G G so these are that symbol blinking ones and you just pretty much use this toggle button down here and put through the right frequency you want to use and it too much should work now the cool thing about this too it's also got a charging port which is also lightning and a headphone port which is also lightning as well so pretty easy all right.

Let's try plugging this thing in and see what happens. So I'm just gonna plug it in here on the bottom. They got my app and music on looks like the red light kicks on and let's pick it pick a frequency here. Let's go what 87.5 which is our R so just click this button until you see a blinking red and that's the frequency we're gonna do. So 87.5 let's check it out very clear as you can see just by clicking the frequency on the bottom with the toggle button on there go right to it plug it in and it's working and you can switch. it’s really easy with just one click on your phone amazing awesome job Wesley.

We're gonna try just messing with it a little bit let's try a different frequency just see how this works. In functions so we're gonna use pretty much option BB which is 94.5 frequency so we'll click this thing till it clicks to a blinking blue light and we'll try the frequency change and see what happens click this thing till it blinks blue blinking blue there's blinking blue which is 94.5 let's try the frequency change and looks like it's working it was just to hit the play button now well we know what works really good in the Corvette, but what about another car like even an older car like a 1995 Astro van that we used for carrying our gear around without working there let's check it out let's see what happens now like I said this is a 95 Astro I mean it's got a newer radio an aftermarket radio, but you know it's still old doesn't have bluetooth doesn't have anything special just got an eighth mini jack port right here but let's try let's see what happens all right let's try this again at this time let's do a different frequency test out all different frequencies on this unit. We're gonna go with green 102.7. So we'll just toggle this down till it's a solid blinking means solid green we got this switch to solid green which is the 102.7 on this device and let's try it on here look at that awesome product Wesley you did a really good job on this form factor and everything so my hats off to you and there you have it this is an amazing product for any kind of music

Anyone who loves music wants to use their phone and hook right into it the cool thing is it does come with instructions use the QR code on this thing and you can rip little videos and watch the instructions, but to be honest this thing is so easy to use and what's amazing I mean that the sound is like like radio quality it's at CD quality it's it's clear I don't notice any distortion I don't know notice any kind of hiss or pops or nothing. it's a great product so definitely we're checking it out

Finally, you can enjoy new iPhone features like streaming music, audiobooks, podcasts even youtube sound thru your older car factory radio without a new head-unit or labor intensive modifications. 

Definitely recommend.

Here are some simple methods to get rid of static noise from your fm transmitter.

These units are for vehicles that do not have built-in bluetooth (most newer vehicles do) and also do not have an Auxiliary Input (where you can plug a cable with a male plug into a female plug, usually somewhere in the dashboard or console). The Best FM transmitters are actually just miniature FM radio stations that plug into your cigarette lighter outlet. Once you've paired your phone to the unit and set the unit to a specific FM frequency (or channel), your phone sends music and other information to the FM transmitter via the magic of bluetooth, and the FM transmitter sends that information over the air on the specific frequency that you've set. When you tune your car radio to that same FM frequency, your radio receives that little 'FM station'. Voila!