The Best FM Transmitter for iPhone in 2020

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 7th Dec 2020

The Best FM Transmitter for iPhone in 2020

The best fm transmitter for iPhone in 2020 is the Gizmo Guy Gadget. Every now and then we tend to fancy some good old music while en route. Something to keep the journey (no matter how short) fun and exciting. This explains why car stereos are an important addition to the overall design, without which car rides would be irksomely silent. But, despite this inclusion, a couple of limitations pause a barrier to absolute customer satisfaction when it comes to radio functionality.

Gizmo Guy Gadget FM Radio Transmitter is the best fm transmitter for iPhone in 2021 

Take sound quality for instance. Hisses and other forms of sound distortion common to radio frequencies make it increasingly unpleasant to play tunes from your favorite local station. And naturally, when this option is no longer on the table, your next course of action would probably involve using your phone playlist instead. But what happens when your car model is too old for this technology? Does that set you at an impasse with no more options to explore?

Well, not the case with the  best fm transmitter for iPhone available at 99.98$. A one of a kind iPhone transmitter that transcends the common limitations affiliated with other FM transmitters. And the fact that it is ideal for all car types makes it a plus. Whether you own a Corvette or a cassette stereotype car, you could practically stream your favorite iTunes downloads through the radio speakers perfectly! Not to mention with premium sound quality. It’s a win-win!

For better understanding, let’s take a closer look at the device.


The  best fm transmitter for iPhone is quite compact. In this day and age, everyone is packing small and this transmitter is no different. The design is fitted to a pocket-friendly size, making it hassle-free to carry it with you wherever. It also features a separate, optional extension which does not take to long, cumbersome designs either. Being that only users with thick, protective iPhone cases will find the extension useful, for the better part, it is ideally a singular device.

Structure-wise the transmitter features two ports at the bottom from which you can access auxiliary functions while using the gadget. If you wish, you could simultaneously charge your iPhone or connect to lightning headphones conveniently. Finally, in terms of packaging, the transmitter arrives sealed in a secure casing for safety purposes.

How Does it Work?

Simply put the  Gizmo Guy Gadget transmitter for iPhone functions as a Bluetooth alternative for an older car radio. As you may already know, there are primarily 3 ways to listen to your iPhone music without the use of phone speakers. This includes a radio adapter, Bluetooth, or via an auxiliary input jack in the case of sophisticated automotives. A great majority of cars subscribe to the Bluetooth function but not all have the luxury of this technology, especially older cars. This is where a radio adapter comes into the picture.

Its sole purpose is to remit sound loud and clear from your phone into the car stereo wirelessly. No cables, no app, no pairing, just a plug, and play mechanism. Talk about convenience! The Gizmo Gadget does this with utmost precision guaranteeing 100% crystal clear sound at all times. The best part is, apart from music and podcasts, there’s a lot more you can achieve with this product. For starters, it is integrated into your GPS Navigation system and when in use a call pops up, the hands-free configuration is tailored to foster smooth communication.

So how do you get started? It is rather simple. All you need is to activate the transmitter by plugging it into your iPhone. A red light should turn on to confirm a successful inauguration. From this point, you can set your radio to 89.7fm or either one of the preset frequencies using the switch button. Once done, you should be able to hear your music through your radio. In case of any mishaps, make a referral to the user manual at the back for instructions.

To ensure quality audio signal,  the best fm transmitter for iPhone has been tested severally on multiple cars and concisely calibrated to match various geographic locations as well. Owing to this, the reception has been fine-tuned in all possible ways. It is equally well-suited to a long list of music apps including YouTube. Users should have no problem accessing their preferred playlists whether from Pandora, or any other app.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Here’s more reason as to why you should make a purchase already. This amazing FM Transmitter for  iPhone transmitter comes with a 60-day money-back policy from the manufacturer. If for whatever reason, the product appears faulty or comes up short of your expectations, you are legible to a full purchase price refund excluding shipping fees or other incidentals.

To add on, replacements are also done. Simply ship back the device in good condition, preferably indicating the reason for the exchange, and await your new package within a few working days. You have nothing to lose!

Why choose the Gizmo Gadget Wireless FM Radio Transmitter?

If you’re looking for the best wireless radio transmitter for your iPhone, the best fm transmitter for iPhone boasts of the following salient points.

  • No static even on high volume. 
  • Thousands of customer testimonials from satisfied consumers. 
  • It works on all stereos including home systems too. 
  • Not susceptible to battery drainage or wires, unlike Bluetooth and AUX modes. 
  • Guarantees a lifetime of service when handled cautiously. 
  • Flexible for music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. 
  • Compatible with all iPhone gadgets. Best FM Transmitter for iPhone Is nothing like other hyped transmitters advertised on eBay and Amazon.


Radio transmitters can be disappointing especially if the sound is compromised. The whole point of acquiring one is so that you can enjoy quality, audible, noise-free audio from the comfort of your car or home. The best fm transmitter for iPhone is far from mediocre having garnered rave reviews from happy customers’ world over. At a fair bargain of 99.98$ (+20.00$ inclusive of the dongle), you could own your's today and enjoy top-notch service. To crown it all, it turns your old car into a smart car on a budget, no expensive add-on kits needed! Available for purchase, find the gadget at We deliver countrywide.


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