Which is better, an FM or bluetooth transmitter?

Posted by WestWei on 15th Mar 2019

Which is better, an FM or bluetooth transmitter?

Bluetooth vs FM Transmitter

I drive an older car, a 2007 model, and it doesn’t come with auxiliary input for external audio connection to my iPhone X. All my music, podcast, audible are all stored in my iPhone. I need to figure out a way that I can listen to my stored music, or stream my podcast thru my Mercedes-Benz. I do not want to swapped out my car stereo since the MBZ came with infotainment system which is integrated with climate control and GPS which I like.

After some research, I found out the best and easiest way to stream music thru older car is by using a fm transmitter or a Bluetooth transmitter which are two different technologies for different application and purposes. That being said, if you are looking to play music thru your car using your smartphone, then here are the differences.

Bluetooth is still a evolving technology. We are currently on Bluetooth 5.0. The maximum range is longer. The Bluetooth 5 spec up to four times the range of Bluetooth 4.2 LE, for a maximum of around 800 feet. However Bluetooth is still unreliable, and it disconnects randomly and it use up precious battery life.

If you have an Aux input on your car radio, you can consider using a Bluetooth transmitter since it is a better and newer technology. However, NOT all cars comes with AUX input. And, if you do NOT have an AUX option in your car. You are limited to using a FM Transmitter.

FM transmitter allow you to sent music signal thru ANY FM radio. You can use it with your car or home radio without additional hardware. Just sent your fm transmitter the matching signal on your fm receiver, and you will be able to broadcast the music thru that fm radio.

However, the older fm transmitter are flawed with static and humming noise due to the electricity interfering with the signal being sent to the radio.

The newer fm transmitter is a better option which eliminated the problem with the old fm transmitter. Here is a demo on the newer iPhone X fm radio transmitter.

Just tune your car radio into any unused FM channel. Then plug FM Transmitter's into any device's audio port or dongle provided by the new headphone-less smartphones and match the FM Transmitter to the same radio frequency. 

Gizmo guy gadget is the best FM transmitters for android phone. Most fm transmitters available on eBay and Amazon are weak and filled with much static unless you're out in the rural area where there are few radio stations. Gizmo Guy works works well in the city, too. The sound quality is crystal clear. The proprietary audio technologies is better than the standard definition FM radio. The sound bitrate is somewhere around 128kbps, and Bluetooth audio is so compressed that sound quality are poor. The build quality of the gizmo guy gadget is also decent. Everything feels solid and well-built, which is also something I've noticed is lacking in other transmitters. Gizmo Guy has made an FM transmitter that gets the job done better than any other transmitter available on eBay or Amazon.