Why it is a Bad Idea to Replace Your Car Radio

Posted by Gizmo Guy on 8th Apr 2021

Are you looking to replace your mid 2000 Car Radio?

This new to you luxury car came with an amazing factory radio with CD and cassette and all the bells and whistles but no Carplay or Bluetooth or even Auxiliary connection for your iPhone?

Hi. This is Westley aka the Gizmo Guy.. May I offer you some advice before you waste hundreds of dollars to update your car stereo.

Most mid 2000 cars came with a Navigation GPS system integrated with the sound system. In some cases with climate control too. Everything is designed to function as one. They are all operated through a computer called ECM. ( electronic computer module ) It is basically the CPU ( central process unit ) or the brain of the car.

It is extremely difficult to work on these small computers. It is certainly not a job a non-professional. Not even your local Best Buy installer.

It is very expensive and labor intensive to try to replace the car radio. You are risking disabling some option and functions or the worst case scenario of killing your car.

manufacturers integrate climate controls and vehicle settings into the central touchscreen. That makes it less of a radio and more of a command center

You are compromising the integrity of the car design and lower the future resale value of the car. A classic car is one with everything original. A new radio will drastically reduce the resale value of a classic car.


  1. Interior Design - Newer car features beautiful gauge and dash design. There aren't any aftermarket kit that will look better than the factory dash.
  2. GPS and Command Center - Car manufacturers integrate GPS and Climate Controls into the central touchscreen. That makes the factory OEM radio more of a command center and it's difficult to replace.
  3. Digital Hub - Premium features of luxury car with other electronic communication systems in the vehicle to produce warning chimes, navigation prompts, and more. This deep level of digital integration often makes it inadvisable to replace the factory radio.

So you are looking to add your iPhone music to your mid 2000 car please take my advice. Cars made around 2000 or newer features integrated dash design with Navigation GPS with touch screen and climate control all features in one central control unit which is NOT possible to match with an aftermarket kit. Do not replace your radio. You will be wasting hundreds of dollars and much headache in the future.

Well, I have suggestion for you. It is the device. The gizmo guy gadget. This device will let you connect your iPhone to your car radio without Bluetooth, CarPlay even Aux.

Simply connect this device to your iPhone and you are ready to enjoy all your music, news, podcasts, youtube, even audiobooks right through your car stereo without changing or modifying your factory sound system. You will enjoy 100% crystal clear music without any static, humming or hissing noise guaranteed.

It even comes with 100% money back guaranteed. If you don’t like it in anyway. Just sent it back and you will get all your money back.

So please try this before you even consider a new radio or a headunit. I promised this will be the best decision you made for your new car.

Thank you for watching and thank you for your time.

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