Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What makes Gizmo Guy Gadget different from other FM transmitters available on eBay and Amazon?

Gizmo Guy Gadget features my proprietary technology. It is designed to be used with all radio and provide the BEST SOUND QUALITY without static / hissing/humming noises that plague those on eBay or Amazon. 

Question: Is Gizmo Guy Gadget available on Amazon or eBay?

No! This device is only available here on this iPhone FM

Question: Can this device work on an Android phone?

No! We are sold out of the Andorid version. Due to Covid, we are unable to get more. So Gizmo Guy Gadget is only available for iPhones now.

Question: Would this gadget work on my iPhone and iPads?

 Yes! This gadget will work on all iPhones and iPads.

 ( Including iPhone 6 , iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone SE and all iPad ) All Apple devices with Lightning Connection/charging port

 Question: What is the difference between an FM transmitter and a Bluetooth FM transmitter?

 An FM transmitter transmits the music/sound signal via FM frequency.

 It does not require Bluetooth. It makes a physical connection of the phone and the transmitter. ( much like connecting the 3.5mm headphone jack). It is easier to use without the frustration of pairing the two devices upon each to use.

 A Bluetooth FM Transmitter works much like an FM Transmitter. However, it uses Bluetooth technology to pair the phone and the transmitter. There is no physical connection between the two devices. This requires pairing of the two devices on each use. This could be frustrating for some and Bluetooth will drain the phone battery.


Just Plug and Play!

No App! No Pairing! No Frustration! No BS!

Looking for an easy way to connect your new iPhone through your favorite old car or home stereo? 

This iPhone FM Transmitter aka Gizmo Guy Gadget is made for you…

You DO NOT need to WASTE MONEY for a new head-unit with Bluetooth car radio or new smart speakers.

You do not need get frustrated with new technology.

This is Westley aka Gizmo Guy … 

I came out with this gadget for people looking for an easy way to play iPhone music through their old car radio or home sound system with no BS!

Save $$$ enjoy all your music, podcasts, audiobooks, even Youtube through radio or stereo you already own with amazing plug and play simplicity! 

Gizmo Guy Gadget User Instruction . 

When you plug the transmitter into your iPhone.

You will see that it activated with a red light.

You then set your radio to the 87.9 FM.

You should be able to hear music thru your radio with 87.9 FM.

If 87.9 Fm is NOT clear in your area, you can choose another preset which is on the back of the transmitter. 

If you are unable to set the radio station manually. Do this...

Activate the transmitter by plugging it into your iPhone.

Look for the red light ( indicating that is indeed " ON " ) 

Play some music / Youtube / Pandora / Podcasts etc 

Press/ Activate SCAN / SEEK on your car radio

87.9 will then be pick up by your car radio and you will hear the music

Set 87.9 to your preset for future...

The instruction is ALSO on the back of the transmitter.  

default = static red = R = 87.9

press once = blue = B = 94.9 

press again = green = G =  102.7

press again = flash red = RR = 87.5

press again = flash blue =  BB = 94.5 

press again = flash green = GG =  108.0 

This transmitter works with old home radios too.

Can I charge the iPhone while I use your device?

Yes! The transmitter came with two ports at the bottom of the transmitter.

The additional ports allow you to charge or connect to your lightning headphone at the same time. 


Do I need the extra dongle / extension for my phone ?

You will need this extension / dongle if you have a hard ( protective ) case on your iPhone

This video provides more detail ...--> ORDER IT HERE <---

FM Transmitter Troubleshooting Tips

  1. HEADPHONE JACK: The use of a cover on your device may prevent the headphone jack from inserting fully into your device's headphone port. If you do use a cover, try removing it and then re-insert the headphone jack.
  2. AUDIO SIGNAL: If you are experiencing issues with the audio signal, test the FM Transmitter with another device, if possible (another phone, iPod, etc.). If the FM Transmitter works as expected with another device, then the issue is most likely isolated to your device.
  3. VOLUME: For best results, set the volume on your device to maximum, and adjust the volume on your vehicle's stereo as needed. To protect a user's hearing, most devices contain a feature that limits the volume coming from the headphone port, so you may need to check your device's settings for this volume-limiting option and then disable it.
  4. STATIC: To eliminate or minimize static, use frequencies at the lower end of your vehicle's stereo's range, and also place the device on your vehicle's dashboard or passenger seat, away from the FM Transmitter itself. When properly calibrated with your vehicle's stereo, you should not be bothered by static.
  5. FM FREQUENCIES: There are three " fixed " station for you to choose from. 87.9 works for 95% of people in the United States. For quick adjustments in the future, you can use the preset buttons on both the FM Transmitter and your vehicle's stereo to save these unused frequencies.
  6. POWER: If the FM Transmitter does not turn on, then test it in another vehicle, if possible. If it works as expected in the other vehicle, then the issue is most likely with your vehicle's power port. If it fails to work as expected in the other vehicle, then check to see if the fuse in the FM Transmitter has blown. The FM Transmitter is equipped with a 3-amp/250-volt fuse which is accessed by unscrewing the two-piece metal tip. 

Set Up Trouble Shooting Tips 


Sound transmission through the FM radio waves is a tricky business. ( This is one of the reasons why the major manufacturers DO NOT feature it on the smartphone.) There are many factors that could result in your sound transmission to be less than ideal. Your vehicle and location are all important variables. I've personally tested on hundreds of different vehicles to make sure that this gadget is compatible with most vehicles and the sound is at it's best quality.

Make sure the volume of your iPhone is set at about 60% to 80%. Max volume or low volume of your phone will cause distortion and interference to your sound. You can set the volume thru your car radio. 

Make sure the transmitter is plugged into the phone firmly without a protective case. Some phone case will cause a gap in connection which result in less than desirable sound quality. Take the case off and try the transmitter again.

Try it with another iPhone / Car or location.... this will allow you to isolate culprit of the static or other noises, and provide the best sound quality for your enjoyment. 






Here Is My Personal Guarantee to You!

Contact or Text me @ 1-415-294-1677

60-Day Money-Back Guaranteed

I want you to be fully satisfied with every item that you purchase from me If you are not satisfied any item you may return the item within 60 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price, minus the shipping, handling or other additional charges.

  • This item comes with one year replacement warranty. We tested every piece just before shipped it to you.

  • We offer 60 days 100% satisfaction guarantee and refund ( exclude shipping ) You have 7 days to contact us and 10 days to return it from the date it was received. Please NO RMA number needed before you return.

  • Return must be in the original package, and with ALL original accessories if you return for refund, if you return for replacement, just return defective part to save postage. All warranty will be void if you open the transmitter enclosure.

  • Return shipping is to be paid by the Buyer. We will pay the mailing cost of the replacement to buyer. 


1. Would you please tell me what type of vehicle that you use it on?

2. Please include  your name and address ( so I know who to credit to ) along with all the remaining original packaging

Note: The manufacturer will only refund or exchange the unit if the transmitter has not been modified or doctored in anyway. 

Please have the original packaging when return for a refund. The manufacturer is very particular about this. 

I will refund your money via Paypal as soon as I receive your return item in good condition.

Please return your item to: ( this would be an international shipment, and it would require a trip to the USPS)

when return first class mail is sufficient ($15.25 from Anywhere in U.S ). no need for registered mail.

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for the returning and refund process. 

Please sent the product to  

AI-LIEN LIAO 0918009638

14F, NO.391, SEC. 2, DANJIN RD,



If you wish to expedite the refund process. Please sent me the receipt from USPS and I will process the refund within a couple of days. Thanks! 



As mandated by the FCC or your local equivalent. In the USA, the rule requires an ERP of 0.01 µW, or 10 nW, or -30dBm. So ok, you're only going a meter or so, so that signal at the car's antenna should be around -40dBm to -45dBm, depending on the actual distance. And a typical consumer FM receiver should be good to -90dB or so receive sensitivity. When it comes reception and sound quality. It's all about the antenna! Where's your antenna? Where's the FM transmitter? Chances are, the answer to the latter is "somewhere near a DC outlet". So if you have one of those in-windshield FM dipole antennas, you might have a pretty good signal, though the direct path to your antenna might be through your dashboard. But if your antenna is one of those shark fins on the roof, you have a 5-10 millimeters of steel between your transmitter and your receiver. The final sound quality will be degraded accordingly. The FM radio band is essentially a “line of sight” band. To hear a signal, you have to be able to see the tower. FM radio does have some power to penetrate buildings and the like, but ultimately the maximum distance that can be achieved is mostly set by the curvature of the earth. But on the “medium wave” band, radio waves can be ducted and can curve around the earth, especially at night.

FM radio sounds so much better is that the extra space effectively allows them to send more data. Without getting technical, they have 20x as much space, and so can send not just a wider range of audio frequencies, but also stereo sound, and other more modern improvements like the Radio Data System - Wikipedia.



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